An exceptional mobilisation from international civil society and a common declaration calling on States to strengthen concrete action

The Climate Chance Summit has just closed its doors. With the multiplication of extreme phenomena underlining the speed of on-going climate changes, the representatives of international civil society were widely present at this first edition, showing their anticipation for this time of exchanges and meetings, and their determination to affirm their essential role in the fight for the climate.

 Local authorities, businesses, NGOs, associations, trade unions, scientific organisations… in all nearly 3,000 representatives of civil society from 62 different nationalities took part in the hundred or so events at this first edition of Climate Chance, exceeding even the most optimistic expectations. Over 3 days, united in a collective dynamic, they were able to meet, debate, exchange and pool their experience, good practices and failures, thus drawing a picture of the state of action in the fight against climate change worldwide, and, above all, highlighting the opportunities that are being created by this resolute fight.

First edition feedbacks

Nantes Declaration : strengthening concrete action
to bridge the gap between current commitments
and the objectives of the Paris Agreement

The Nantes Declaration widely signed  Six weeks away from the COP22 in Marrakesh, the non-state actors, now ready for battle, widely signed the "Nantes Declaration", making it the most broadly signed Declaration in Climate history.

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Press release - Final report
Released on 28 September 2016

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17 thematic coalitions operational

For greater effectiveness, international civil society's actions must be developed in a coherent, sustainable and organised dynamic way. This is the aim of the thematic coalitions, that bring together mobilised actors by intervention sector. Each coalition now has a clear roadmap, resolutely focused on actions, with the aim of weighing on the reassessment of the Governments' voluntary commitments in 2018, an essential step in achieving the target of 2°C set by the Paris Agreement.

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Find here the summary of the workshops implemented with the concept management software Desmodo

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