They are from Nantes, motivated and friendly. They are volunteers for the Summit and have the task of making your participation in Climate Chance a unique, happy experience!

The Nantes ambassadors will be there throughout your visit, to welcome and inform you, and collect your impressions or questions.

They will carry out tasks including reception, mediation, live tweets and accompanying urban visits.

Special thanks to:

Abdel Z, Adèle S, Anne M, Anne M, Anne-Cécile G, Anne-Line B, Anne-Sophie B, Annie A, Antoine S, Aurelio P, Aurore C, Bertrand P, Catherine L, Cécile R, Cécile V, Charlotte A, Chloé D, Christelle J, Christiane V, Danielle M, denis M, Dominique D, Dominique D, Doris A, Elise G, Elodie D, Evelyne C, FabricE G, Francoise M, Frederic A, Frédéric B, Gaëlle A, Gaelle R, Gatean L, Guy-Laurent D, Héloise E, Inès B, Issam D, Jean-Luc D, Jeanne B, Jeanne-Marie  L, Jennifer P, Julie B, Juliette G, Karine M, Laila R, Laura P, Mael L, Marcelle M, Mariana S, Marie Christine M, Martha L, Maryline L, Mathilde L, Matthieu C, Michel B, MILENA S, Monique C, Mykhaylo D, Myriam P, Nathalie L, Nicolas B, Nicolas E, Olivia G, Olivier  B, Olivier  T, Pape S, Philippe B, Pierre G, Roger T, Sakina P, Sebastien C, Sophie A, thierry A, Valentin B, Véronique G, Véronique G,