Where and when does the Climate Chance summit take place ?

The Climate Chance Summit will take place in Nantes from Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 September at La Cité, the Nantes Congress Centre. 

I would like to be part of the programme, but the call for contributions is closed. What can I do?

You can still be part of the summit programme. Depending on your proposal, please contact us : 

How can I register for Climate Chance ?

Registration for the Climate Chance summit takes place on line via a form, accessible at the top of the home page, from the "registration" button. Pre-registrations are open: please fill in your details in this form, and we will inform you when the registrations are fully opened.

I cannot find the profile and registration tariff that correspond to my situation. What can I do ?

To find your profile (or Major Group), please consult the registration page (link to insert) that details the different typologies of the Major Group structures defined by the United Nations.

If, despite this, you still cannot identify your profile, please contact us by email: registration.climatechance@lacite-nantes.fr

I belong to the "other" category (local association, young person under 25 years, student or job seeker). What type of proof do I need to provide ?

After selecting your profile, and depending on your status, you can upload:

  • For a local association: the articles of the association that you belong to,
  • For a young person under 25 years: your valid identity card or identity document,
  • For a student: your valid student card,
  • For a job seeker: a valid situation certificate from Pôle Emploi or another approved organisation
I belong to one of the following categories: FARMER / RINGO / ENGO / TUNGO / IPO / Women&Gender / YOUNGO. What type of proof do I need to provide ?

After selecting your profile, and depending on your status, please upload:

  • For an association: the articles of the association you belong to
  • For all other status types: the proof of your choice, to be validated (or refused) by the Climate Chance organisation.

Failing this, your situation will be determined by the type of structure (for example, if your structure is an association, you will be exempt from registration costs - however, the cost of midday meals will still be due).

What does my registration give me access to ?

Your registration gives you access to the entire programme at La Cité, the Nantes Congress Centre, and at the other summit venues. A climate solidarity contribution, welcome coffee and the conviviality evening that will take place on Tuesday, 27 September 2016 are included. Midday meals are not included in the registration fee.

My registration has been rejected. Why ?

If your registration is rejected, it implies that one or several errors have been detected during your registration process,and an email will be sent to inform you. Generally, the rejection is due to an incorrect profile selection or proof that does not allow us to identify your chosen profile.

How do I pay ?

Registration payment is made online using a credit card. Only French local administrations and municipal authorities may defer their registration payment after uploading proof (see article 9).

Your registration is not effective until you have paid the registration fee. All registration costs that have not been paid by the day of the summit will be fully due even in the event of non-cancellation and/or no-show.


Can I defer my registration payment ?

Deferred payment is only authorised for French local administrations and municipal authorities. Having entered your details and selected your different items, deferred payment will be proposed, subject to providing one of the following proof documents:

  • an order form indicating: La Cité, le centre des congrès de Nantes 5 rue de Valmy  44 041 NANTES CEDEX 01. Please indicate the following information: the name(s) of the registered person(s), the registration amounts, the invoicing address and the invoicing contact (name, telephone and email of the reference contact)
  • an official certificate covering the registration costs of the registered person(s). Please indicate the following information: the name(s) of the registered person(s), the registration amounts, the invoicing address and the invoicing contact (name, telephone and email of the reference contact).
How do I modify the information indicated during my registration ?

Before payment, you can return to your personal space (your user name and password are sent to the email address you indicate) and modify your personal information and selected items (day ticket or 3 day pass for example). This will be automatically updated.

After payment, you can still make the same modifications to your personal information (same procedure), but you can no longer add or remove paid items (day ticket / 3 day pass / meal ticket) unless you cancel your registration in full (see article 12).

I cannot find my registration confirmation. Do I have to register again ?

It is not necessary to register again. Please contact registration.climatechance@lacite-nantes.fr by email, and we will resend your registration confirmation, your badge and your user name / password so that you can connect to your personal space.

I can no longer attend the summit, but a colleague can replace me. What do I have to do ?

Whether or not the online payment has been carried out, please inform us of this change and we will reissue your registration in your colleague's name, as long as the other person belongs to the same Major Group as you (and, therefore, benefits from the same tariffs).

How do I cancel my registration ?

You may cancel your registration subject to the following conditions:

  • Before 26 August 2016: if your written cancellation is sent to the organiser before this date, you can be refunded. Only the bank charges associated with the refund are due by the participants and will be deducted from your refund.
  • After 26 August 2016: for all cancellations transmitted after this date, the registration costs paid will be retained by the organiser.
Where can I find the programme ?

A pre-programme will be put on line from 6 May 2016 and the final programme will be available on 7 June 2016 on the website. On the site, a full programme will be available and distributed free of charge.

I am staying several days in Nantes, what are the "must sees" in the region ?

An eclecticism of landscapes and heritage, dynamism and diversity of cultural proposals, quality of life recognised by the title of European Green Capital - all this means that Nantes is regularly ranked at the top of the list of cities where it is good to live.

Go to the Practical Information page in the Destination section to make sure you don't miss anything !

Booking of my midday meals and TAN passes, until when can I book them ?

Please select a midday meal on-site when you are registering – by adding one or several meal ticket(s) to your order - you will not be able to dine at the restaurant area located inside la Cité Nantes Events Center. However, there are dining options available close to la Cité Nantes Events Center.

For information, TAN passes will be available up to Friday 2 September 2016 inclusive and midday meal tickets up to Monday 19 September 2016 inclusive.

Do you have a specific question?

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