Telephones and trainers are part of our everyday lives, but are you familiar with the complex and opaque production chain and all the intermediaries involved in making them? Between contempt for social rights and environmental risks, the impacts of this global production mode are far-reaching.

In a special report on "The Grey Areas in the Supply Chain",, the site for economic information from the CSR perspective, addresses the different issues in the international supply chain: child labour, modern slavery, working conditions, decent salary, traceability, multinational accountability...

With over 50 articles, graphics, a tool box, and numerous interviews, this report aims to raise the general public's awareness on the environmental and social issues involved in industrial sub-contracting, by decrypting the production practices in the world's factories.

With this content and practical sheets brought together in an educational kit, Novethic provides the keys and tools to better understand what responsible purchasing practices should be. How to select your suppliers? Why sign a framework agreement? How to implement a vital salary? All these subjects will be covered in a tangible way.

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