The Nantes initiatives Lab

The Nantes Initiatives Laboratory (Laboratoire des initiatives nantaises) was implemented to promote the initiatives carried by local actors and to establish a dialogue between local and international civil society within Climate Chance.


The "Lab'" is based on two objectives:

•  Illustrate the dynamic between Nantes climate actors during the Summit, they could inspire other initiative carriers and 'enrich the view of experts present at Climate Chance,

•  Promote collaboration between local and international actors to open up to new development opportunities.

5 meetings will be organised to discover Nantes' version of "The City Factory".

You will have the chance to see the Nantes Métropole's "Climate" initiatives around 5 themes:  

- Inclusive City: aims to include specific groups of the local civil society

- Active City: looks at the socio-economic issues of a region (mobilisation of businesses, new ways to work...)

- Animated City: aims to include the cultural and event actors around climate questions

- Natural and Edible City: brings together bio-diversity and food actors

- City of uses: looks at the issues of uses in cities (habitat, mobility, energy, smartgrids...) and their appropriation by citizens.

You will have the chance to contribute to the enriching and development of these initiatives. 

An initiative of Nantes Métropole, implemented by Open Odysser and SCOPIC

Natural and Edible City - Monday 26 from 12h40 to 15h00

Participative inventories of bio-diversity

by: LPO ; Bretagne Vivante

The nature, an indicator of climate change! How can we implement inventories with a dual objective: raise population awareness and scientifically assess the impact of Climate Change.

Regional Food Project (Projet Alimentaire Territorial)

by: Chamber of Agriculture 44 ; Nantes Métropole ; Terres en Ville ; IUFN

rom producer to consumer, via transformers and distributors: lets get around the table to rethink and build the region's food chain.

Urban Farms Zac Doulon Gohars

by: Nantes Métropole Aménagement

What quarters for tomorrow? How to rethink the operation of 4 urban farms in a logic of local services to inhabitants!

Inclusive City - Monday 26 from 17h10 to 19h30

Women's Group for the Climate (Collectif des femmes pour le Climat)

by: Espace Simone de Beauvoir

With 25 years existence, the Espace Simone de Beauvoir acts to promote women's rights. For the first time, it has initiated the creation of a Women's Group for the Climate... Its story will now be written collectively!


by: CNAM Pays de la Loire

New technologies to serve education and training! The #2038 tool raises awareness of all audiences through an immersive system on the jobs of tomorrow for the climate.

Young and Old against climate change for well-being together over the long term

by: Association A6

The defence of the climate is now intergenerational! This new movement with a high potential brings together young and old around sustainable projects to better live together!

Active city - Tuesday 27 from 8h30 to 10h50

CSR Platform

by: Chaire RSE Audencia, Nantes Métropole, 5 Collèges : entreprises ; syndicats/salariés ; ESS ; académiques/experts ; institutions

Faced with the climate challenge, businesses are committing themselves! This initiative aims to act on the Corporate Social Responsibility of SME/VSE via a platform that brings together the experience and dynamic of socio-economic actors (businesses, trade unions, associations...)

Cargos Voiliers de Cabotage

by: ANEF

"No carbon" maritime transport is possible! This initiative, that aims to develop maritime transport using wind power, offers a unique logistical approach for the local regional economy of the Atlantic coast with a potential of 180 ports!

Laboratories at the University of Nantes

by: University of Nantes

The University: laboratories in the Lab'! University research is acting to fight against climate change through innovative, federating projects linked to the region (new photovoltaic technologies, CO2 capturing by micro algae...).

Animated City - Tuesday 27 from 11h10 to 13h30

1001 Events commit themselves

by: Eco-événement network; Terra 21 ; Nantes Métropole

It is possible to reduce the climatic impact of events in a region! This initiative aims to mobilise stakeholders in the event sphere for sustainable, desirable development.

Cultural actors for the climate

by:  Eco-événement network; Franco-German Cultural Centre, Julie's Bicycle

How can we write the roadmap for local cultural climate actors! In Nantes, culture is an integral part of the fight against climate change.

This is not Waste

by: Stations Services; PING ; Robin Débrouille

A young festival in Nantes, dedicated to waste and the circular economy. This initiative works to raise awareness and educate the general public in a fun, educational way on reusing and managing waste.

City of uses - Wednesday 28 from 10h50 to 13h20


By : Matière Sociale, ECLA, La Remise, Katapulte, Apala

The building as a new place for social and technological innovation. In a pooled space, BatLab promotes the exchange and promotion of new building initiatives. 

Bellevue in transition

By: Environnement Solidaire ; Open Odyssey

How can we reinvent everyday uses within the Bellevue Quarter? Waste reduction, social ties, local employment: together let's turn a problem into an opportunity.

Do You Cause Commune

By: LBA ; Aire 38 ; ENEDIS ; The Green Place to be

Building the Smart City of Tomorrow together! A collaborative work focused on the region around intelligent electrical networks.