Encourage awareness of climate change

Artistic exhibitions

Seattle turned towards the future

As part of a partnership with Nantes Métropole (CLAP) and the city of Seattle, the "Seattle turned towards the future" project presents with photos and video the progressive, sustainable measures implemented by a city considered to be an innovation laboratory. From 1980, in Seattle, a sustainable policy was implemented in response to climate change. Since then, the Emerald City has continued to create initiatives to be able to best adjust to climate change and to reduce the negative effects of human impacts. Yet, the North-West Pacific Metropolis is faced with a significant dilemma; due to its considerable economic attractiveness and its exceptional quality of life, Seattle has seen a demographic explosion. A former Policy Officer for Natural Risks, the photojournalist, Thomas Girondel, went to meet Seattle's citizens for a photo report and documentary co-produced with the film maker, Gaëtan Chagneaud.
Trailer du projet

This exhibition can be found on the Agora mezzanine

On the green road

The On the Green Road association was created by two young newly-graduated cousins, Siméon and Alexandra, who spent 14 months travelling around the world by bike. 18,000 kilometres through 20 countries in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. A disconcerting adventure, with good times, nightmares, notable encounters, deep reflection and magnificent landscapes. A trip that above all has a meaning, an objective: to put human faces on the sometimes abstract questions of climate change, pollution, environmental damage, forced adaptation. They wanted to meet the people who deal with these realities, and who find solutions. Based on everyday sharing with the local populations, this trip was a real human experience. An opening, as well, on the world of tomorrow... Through this exhibition, the On the Green Road association offers another viewpoint. Another viewpoint on emerging countries, another viewpoint on the ecology in the World, another viewpoint on our common challenge that is climate change.

On the green road website

This exhibition can be found outside of la Cité, on the North esplanade (parvis)

For a handful of degrees

A universal response to a universal challenge

"For a handful of degrees" is an exhibition based on public participation and photography, a shared cultural practice. It offers a dialogue in pictures where we can find the challenges of climate change: its profound causes, multiple impacts, our ability to face this common challenge. In the background, it asks us about the relationship between man and nature, and the way we live in the world.

Can art help?

Ten works, from recognised artists or young creators, are the basis for this project that will be enriched on-line up to 30 November 2016. Ten photographs chosen for their poetic strength and their evocative qualities. Entering in resonance, they evoke climate change in an impromptu way. They question our ability to act in an overwhelmed environment. The public is invited to continue the research, with their own photographs, in answer to the first pictures. Let yourself be inspired by their visions and share your own representations!

This exhibition can be found at the entrance of the Agora, to the left​​​​​​​

'Les Petits Débrouillards' programme

Climate Science Tour: making science and discovery fun, stimulating and accessible

All year round, the Science Tour travels the roads of France to let everyone discover science. Carried by the Les Petits Débrouillards association, this fun, itinerant animation system multiples places for scientific practices, from towns to rural areas, on the coast and inland, close to the general public. Throughout France, like Fred and Jamy from the French scientific TV programme, young people and families can go on board twelve "C'est pas Sorcier" laboratory-lorries. They investigate, experiment.. Everyone becomes the actor in their own discoveries!

▼ Find the Science Tour laboratory-lorry in front of Cité, on the central reservation of the rue de Valmy

"Ecological and Social Transitions" exhibition

This interactive, itinerant exhibition creates a place for raising awareness and discovery for young people. Twelve modules are offered around four subjects: climate change, pollution, natural resources and energies. Designed in the form of fun hands-on activities that promote questions, the modules offer simulations where the public is active as well as explanations and information on the subject being treated.
 Find the "Ecological and Social Transitions" exhibition in front of la Cité, on the central reservation of the rue de Valmy

Les Petits Débrouillards at Climate Chance
The Petits Débrouillards association offers two innovative types of animation to educate Climate Chance participants about climate change - these can be deployed outside or inside, and are based on a multi-disciplinary scientific approach that allows you to discover complex phenomena whilst having fun.